Sunday, August 13, 2017

NFL Draft Prospectus 2018: Top 15 Quarterbacks

As part of our new menu of areas that I am covering in 2017/18, we will be covering year round analysis of the 2018 NFL Draft through our NFL Draft Prospectus series. In this post, I give you my top 15 quaterbacks who are eligible for the NFL 2018 Draft. I will keep updated weekly rankings by position, and we begin here.

Top 15 QBs
1. Sam Darnold USC:
Saved the Trojans in 2016, has a good head on his shoulders.

2. Josh Allen, Wyoming:
Rapidly rising prospect has the mentality and desirable size/arm.

3. Lamar Jackosn, Louisville:
He's Cam Newton but can throw from the pocket.

4. Riley Ferguson, Memphis:
Big, underrated arm, and will wake some folks up this fall.

5. Josh Rosen, UCLA:
Falling rapidly on our big board, as production and personality take hits.

6. Chase Litton, Marshall:
Good player on a bad team last season, has size and max arm.

7. Jarrett Stidham, Auburn:
Will have to prove he is more than  system guy at Auburn.

8.Mason Rudolph, Oklahoma State:
Has accuracy and does not turn the ball over.

9. Baker Mayfield, Oklahoma:
May not have the size, but he has the skills.

10. Luke Falk, Washington State:
System guy, but has skills and head that are coachable.

11. DeAndre Francois, Florida State:
Young gun who has a lot riding in his RS soph season.

12. Jake Browning, Washington:
Was a bit beat up by the end of last season, could rise quickly.

13. Kyle Allen, Houston:
Has one year under his belt, but needs to show what he has in friendly offense.

14. Tanner Mangum, BYU:
 He has guts and game, and with Taysom Hill gone, he has the spotlight.

15. Brett Rypien, Boise State: Does not get a ton of love, but he is a gamer.

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