Friday, August 11, 2017

Bilo's Week In College Football 2017: Episode 1

It's time for the weekly print update for what has happened in the world of college football this week! We are just a bit over two weeks away from the opening of the 2017 college football season, and camps are in order. Here is an update of what has happened this week:

Two major injuries too place this week, with one costing a player the season, and one potentially costing a title contender at least a month, or nothing at all.
Oklahoma State has possibly lost star receiver James Washington for up to a month with a hernia injury that took place in practice Thursday. The injury could cost Washington the entire non con part of their schedule, but some sources have stated that he has intentions to play through the injury. Nothing on this story has been confirmed to a comfortable lesson, so everything out of Stillwater is unknown at this hour.
At Wisconsin, the story is completely confirmed that LB Jack Cinchy has a torn ACL, and will miss the season. Chris Orr will step into his spot on the depth chart, but that leaves an empty spot behind him on the second team depth chart. Wisconsin should be fine, but it's never good to lose major depth this early in the process

Josh Rosen of UCLA is popping off at the mouth again, after most felt that he was trying to slow  his motor mouth this season. During an interview that took place earlier in the spring, he stated that "football and school don't mix", and that if Alabama raised their SAT standards, they'd be a different team. Schools have been playing college football for over a century now, so his argument of football and school not mixing seems moot, as there is a ton of history to refute his take. As far as Alabama is concerned, he may have a better argument, but he is only devaluing himself and his draft stock by speaking out of turn. Josh Allen and Sam Darnold continue to keep their mouths shut, and avoid controversy, and their stocks are soaring. Rosen keeps on talking, and his is falling. Do the math.

The last note for tonight is on Les Miles, as he has now stated that he will work for "several" media outlets during the 2017 season after failing to secure a coaching gig. He had stated before that this was not what he wanted to do, but here we are...

More news as it progresses.

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