Monday, July 24, 2017 Launches Tuesday!, our latest venture into sports media, will officially launch this Tuesday, July, 25, 2017! There will be 19 major features on our free and subscription platforms combined to start the season, with more information and features coming as we grow. Here is our official lineup for the launch this week:

Free Platform

Coaches on the Hot Seat
Our weekly feature on the status of coaches around the nation who are in struggle mode will continue for the 2017 season! This weekly article covers which coaches are feeling the heat, and have to get it turned around, and fast.

Coaches Swimming in the Dead Pool
This weekly article features coaches who we are calling done. Their time is coming to an end rapidly, and the writing is on the wall that the coaches on this list will be fired sooner than later. There is almost no escaping the Dead Pool.

PRS FBS Rankings
Our formulaic rankings that we have released since 2005. The first rankings are released the Tuesday after the first week of full scheduled games, and then releases every Monday thereafter until the national championship game.

PRS FCS Rankings
The same ranking system used for FBS football, used for FCS football. First rankings are released the Monday after week one, and continue until the last week of the regular season, as a full playoff takes place to decide the national title.

PRS Division 2 Rankings
The same system as used for FCS football. Released the Monday after week one, and continues until the end of the regular season, when playoffs commence.

FBS Pass/Fail Reports
Our weekly breakdown of our performance index from weekly games. Which teams passed the weekly test, and which teams failed, sometimes even in winning.

News Updates
News is breaking every day in the world of college football. We will round it up and provide it to you in one place, all for free!

Pre-Season and Post-Season All-Bilo Picks
Our annual All-American and All-Conference picks from each division of college football.

Feature Articles
When big news happens, you can depend on us for full commentary and editorial work on those happenings, such as the Hugh Freeze resignation, the Ole Miss disciplinary hearings, and every other thing that is controversial in college football!

The Power Rated Podcast
Hosted every week by Scott Bilo, the founder and lead writer/editor for The Bilo College Football Report and! Guests and commentary of weekly happenings in the world of college football on all levels! Also here every radio guest spot that Scott appears on on multiple ESPN Radio affiliates, Sirius Radio Affiliates, etc.


NFL Draft Prospectus
Our annual draft guide covering every position available annually, with all of the top players scouted, and some smaller players as well. We cover the pre and post draft breakdowns, with commentary on every player and every pick!

Weekly FBS Picks: Money Line and Against the Spread
Strictly for entertainment purposes, you will receive my money line and spread picks for every FBS game played, every single week. The top ten games with commentary on the picks! We do not take wagers, but will try to help you along with your picks every week!

Weekly Straight Up FCS and Division 2
I pick every FCS and D2 game, every single week! Again, this is for entertainment purposes only!

My Personal Point Spreads
Again, for entertainment purposes only! Since 1985, I have posted my own personal point spreads for FBS, FCS, D2 football. This is my gut feeling on which way games will go every week. My spreads often vary greatly from the Vegas books, so you are getting my true take on every single game in the nation.

Point Spread Movers and Shakers
We look at wildly moving spreads from day to day, as posted by the Vegas sports books!

Weekly Depth Chart Updates
Depth chart changes with injury updates for every major game weekly!

Expanded material to come! Subscribe now at $20 per year, and get locked in for life at that rate! The early subscriber gets the loyalty bonus of never having to pay more than new subscribers!

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