Monday, April 10, 2017

2017 NFL Draft Prospect: Haasan Reddick

Haasan Reddick, Temple
6-1, 237
Reddick played a small DE for Temple, but was a RB and Safety in high school before becoming an Owl. He played for four years in the Temple program.
As a freshman, he finished with 14 tackles, four TFLs, one sack, and a PBU.
As a sophomore, he finished with 24 tackles, 7.5 TFLs, two sacks, and a PBU in 10 games played.
As a junior, he finished with 46 tackles, 12.5 TFLs, five sacks, one PBU, five QB hurries, and a forced fumble.
As a senior, he wrapped his career with 65 tackles, 22.5 TFLs, 10.5 sacks, three PBUs, three QB hurries, three forced fumbles, and an INT.
He finished as an AAC All-American honorable mention in 2015, and was named first team All-AAC as a senior.
He was involved in a brawl in a Philadelphia area nightclub in 2015, and was arrested, and never served a suspension for the incident.
The Good
Very explosive off of the snap, and has first rate speed for being a college DE.
Changes direction on a dime, and can get up and fly around the edge.
Big time play maker, especially in space and open field.
Can get sideline to sideline in a hurry.
Keeps his head up while in contact and is always searching out the football.
Knows how to work his feet.
Has experience in pass coverage as a former DB.
Gets into the gaps, and can get through on twists.
Does not take a wide angle to ge to the backfield.
The Bad
Was an undersized end, and may be a bit undersized at LB.
Lack of size allows large athletic linemen to take him out of the play.
Does not have the hand work down yet.
Lacks power, which is another size issue.
Does not shed blockers with ease. Wave rider.
Relies on speed and finesse, which will get mitigated on the next level.
Is not a wrap tackler which is a huge red flag for me.
Tackling technique overall is a sloppy mess.
Final Overview
Many people have gotten fired up about the athletic ability that Reddick possesses. That's nice and all, but at some point one has to get real. Athletic ability alone does not buy you a roster spot in the NFL. Reddick will be playing his fourth position since high school in the NFL. He was just coming into his own as a rush end in his senior season, and now he will be forced out to LB because of lack of size. He does have some pass cover skills, and he is solid against the run, but where do you use him on an NFL team? He lacks the bulk to be a rush edge backer in a 3-4 scheme, and you cannot really play him straight up in a 4-3 yet. I see him as a pass cover package player with some long term starting ability in the right scheme, but his starting days should be at least two years off at this point. His tackling skills are a mess, and then there is that nightclub fight arrest just two years ago. Is his focus in the right place? Why was he not suspended?

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