Tuesday, April 4, 2017

2017 NFL Draft Profile: Tim Williams

Tim Williams, Alabama
6-3, 244
Williams was a four year player at Alabama, and jilted his hometown LSU Tigers in favor of playing for the Tide.
He played in seven games as a freshman, and recorded three tackles and had one TFL.
As a sophomore, he played in 12 games as a reserve, and recorded five tackles, 1.5 TFLs, 1.5 sacks, and finished with three QB hurries.
He played a ton more as a junior, and played in a total of 15 games. He finished with 19 tackles, 12.5 TFLs, and 10.5 sacks. He also added four QB hurries.
He finished with 31 tackles as a senior, and also added 16 TFLs, nine sacks, two PBUs, 12 QB hurries, and forced two fumbles.
The Good
Fires off of the snap with explosiveness and swiftness.
Pass rush specialist who takes a solidly direct approach to the target.
Equally as adept at getting into position coming from the edge or inside.
Takes advantage on the edge and can get around a blocker with decent shoulder leverage.
Has real speed for an End/OLB.
Can drop into coverage on zone plays.
The Bad
Serious character concerns. It was reported that he had failed multiple drug tests at Alabama, and missed part of a game for a misdemeanor gun charge. Huge red flags, and was under disciplined.
Is not very cerebral to his approach. Needs to have things simplified to succeed.
He will bite on play fakes, and gets fooled quite easily.
Way to thin to play DE in the NFL. Will have to be a pass rush specialist, limiting him to third downs, or long yardage downs.
Will give you limited success on running plays.
Can get knocked around.
Numbers are not really that impressive over his career.
Does not read offenses well.
Hand work is sloppy and rather weak.
Not very athletic, will not get to plays that are away from him.
Small tackle radius.
Final Overview
NFL scouts and execs love players who can get into the backfield, and Williams can do that, but he really is limited to that role overall. He will get a second round grade because of this special skill set, and someone will likely take him there. In my opinion, he has too many off field issues for me to consider seriously, so I would not sacrifice an early round pick on this particular prospect. He is a suspension waiting to happen, and I do not trust where his head is at, and I certainly do not trust his focus ability, and there are questions about his on field IQ. I would pass on this guy, because the defensive end position is the richest in this draft class.

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