Saturday, April 15, 2017

2017 NFL Draft Profile: Teez Tabor

Teez Tabor, Florida (Cornerback)
6-0, 199
Tabor came to the Gators as a Mr. Washington DC player of the Year. He was named Freshman All-American, and was named as first team All-SEC as a sophomore. He was once again named as first team All-SEC and third team All-American as a junior. He was a three year player in the Gator program.
As a freshman, he finished with 31 tackles, four TFLs, two sacks, eight PBUs, one forced fumble, and one INT.
As a sophomore, he finished with 40 tackles, four TFLs, one sack, 14 PBUs, and four INTs.
As a junior, he finished with 33 tackles, two TFLs, one sack, six PBUs, and four INTs.
The Good
Athletic player with spring loaded legs.
Matches receivers stride for stride in route coverage.
Disciplined enough in zone coverage.
Has broken up 28 passes in three seasons.
Very good hands, and solid eyes as well.
Will deliver a knock out blow when fighting for the ball.
The Bad
Character, character, character, and it is all bad. Has several marijuana related arrests, and has been in a fight with a teammate. Has served suspensions, and seems to have learned very little in the way of humility.
Believes in himself to the point of arrogance.
His best coverage skills are in short to mid range patterns. Does not do the speed thing, and has to play speed receivers in deep off coverage, leaving him vulnerable.
Does not always get his feet under him right in traffic.
Gets caught holding too often.
Looks small on film.
Undisciplined, and often loses track of what an offense is doing.
Has absolutely zero physicality in his game.
Terrible tackling skills, and looks afraid to make the initial hit on a tackle.
Played better as a sophomore than he did as a junior.
May not have been as committed as a junior.
Head is all screwed up, and lacks focus off of the field.
Final Overview
While Tabor has some serious ball hawk abilities, his character concerns and his overall arrogant demeanor make me want to run as far away from this player as I can. He is his own best cheerleader, and seems to have learned nothing of humility from his transgressions, and that scares the hell out of me if I am a GM or owner getting ready to dump some serious cash on him. He could have been a star in the league, but his stock is falling hard, and he may eventually lack the necessary physicality to be an impact corner in the NFL. If he does not improve upon his tackling ability and his overall persona, he will be at best a nickle/dime package defender. He is one of my bust picks in this draft.

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