Monday, April 3, 2017

2017 NFL Draft Profile: Taylor Orlosky

Tyler Orlosky, West Virginia
6-3, 298
Orlosky was a five year player for West Virginia, and spent a redshirt year in 2013. He worked in as a guard, but was quickly moved to Center. He was named second team All-Big 12 as a junior, and was named first team All-Big 12 as a senior.
The Good
Solid character guy who was named as a team captain three straight years.
Very well conditioned, a workout warrior.
Rock solid nasty streak you like to see in the interior line.
Solid body control, rather fluid for a big guy.
Hands are top shelf.
Has solid lower body power to drive his blocks.
The Bad
Not very athletic if not moving straight line. Labors to work in lateral movement.
Footwork is not a thing of beauty.
Target needs to be right in front of him to attack.
Will not get to the next level on blocks all that easily.
Not a great pass protector. Lacks instinct in recognizing defenses.
Final Overview
Orlosky seems to be sticking to the theme among the centers in this draft class as a scrappy straight line blocker with limited agility and athleticism. He is more of a run block specialist, rather than an every down center, and that will severely limit him on the next level to likely special teams guy. What bothers me the most about this prospect is that he is a center who understands run zone blocking better than pass protection, and that just should not be.

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