Wednesday, April 19, 2017

2017 NFL Draft Profile: Round 5-7 Safety Prospects

Round 5-7 Safety Prospects

Orion Stewart, Baylor: May fall out of the draft based on lacking tackling numbers, and lacks speed.
Nate Gerry, Nebraska: Could fit special teams role, and will add value in zone coverage only.
Tedric Thomson, Colorado: Long term developmental fit, has starter quality on man coverage team.
Jordan Sterns, Oklahoma State: Strong character guy who is a tackling machine. Natural leader.
Josh Harvey-Clemons, Louisville: Multiple drug suspensions should scare some teams off.
Rayshawn Jenkins, Miami: Needs to be coached up, but checks size/speed boxes.
John Johnson, Boston College: Solid ball hawk, but lacking as a tackler, but should see a shot.
Jadar Johnson, Clemson: Only started for one season. Solid ball skills, needs work on tackling.
Randall Goforth, UCLA: Small, and inconsistent across the board, but still flashes now and again.

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