Monday, April 17, 2017

2017 NFL Draft Profile: Rasul Douglas

Rasul Douglas, West Virginia
6-2, 209
Final Overview
Douglas came to West Virginia from Nassau Community College in New York, and really had to work his way into a rotation there after redshirting his first season. He ble wup as a sophomore at Nassau and got several big time offers before settling on finishing his collegiate career at West Virginia. He finished with 70 tackles an eight picks as a senior at WVU, and that got him noticed in a hurry. He has a solid size package for what you want in the corner position, but he is lacking in speed in a big way. If you can settle on him either as a deep safety, or a zone only corner, you get exactly what you need from him. He's not for everyone, and could prove to be an enigma as to where exactly to play him.

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