Wednesday, April 12, 2017

2017 NFL Draft Profile: Raekwon McMillan

Raekwon McMillan, Ohio State
6-2, 240
McMillon was a three year player for the Buckeyes, and was a finalist for the Butkus award in 2015 as the nation's best linebacker. He won the same award at the high school level in 2013 as a senior.
As a freshman at Ohio State, McMillan totaled 54 tackles, 6.5 TFLs, 2.5 sacks, a PBU, and one INT which was returned for a score.
As a sophomore, he collected an amazing 119 tackles, four TFLs, 1.5 sacks, four PBUs, and five QB hurries.
As a junior, which was his final season, he recorded 102 tackles, seven TFLs, two sacks, four PBUs, two QB hurries, and two forced fumbles. He was named second team All-American and first team All-Big Ten as a junior. He was named second team All-Big Ten as a sophomore.
The Good
Tackle machine with 221 tackles in a two year span.
On the attack the moment the ball is snapped.
Has enough speed to beat outside plays to the point of attack, and avoid getting hammered by the pull blockers.
Reads offenses very well, and understands his assignments.
Beats runners to the gaps.
Arm extension is solid on blockers. Sheds blocks well when his arms get fully out in front of him.
Solid zone pass defender, and understands what the QB is thinking.
The Bad
Can get redirected by large, physical blockers.
Has such an early jump on the snap that he can end up guessing wrong at times and get to the wrong spot.
When he does not get arm extension on blockers, he ends up riding the wave with the blocker to the target.
A little limited when it comes to athleticism and change of direction speed.
Will never be good in man coverage against backs or ends.
Severely limited as a pass rusher.
Final Overview
McMillan simply cannot be overlooked because of his rock solid production at Ohio State. He was a defensive leader for the Buckeyes who made a ton of tackles inside of a two year span. The problem that I have with him, and the problem that others have as well, is that he doesn't do much else with any real flash. He is not a guy who makes a ton of plays behind the line, and he has basically been negligible when it comes to collecting sacks. He is a decent zone pass defender as an ILB, but does nothing in man coverage worth speaking of. Tacklers are great, but they are a dime a dozen these days, and McMillan does not do anything special enough outside of that to warrant anything higher than day three consideration. 

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