Monday, April 3, 2017

2017 NFL Draft Profile: Myles Garrett

Myles Garrett, Texas A&M
6-4, 272
Garrett was a three year player with the Aggies who departed after his junior season. He started as a freshman in 2014, and finished by being named freshman All-American, and was also named second team All-SEC that same year. He finished with 53 tackles, 14 TFLs, and 11.5 sacks that season.
Garrett was a finalist for both the Lombardi and Hendricks awards as a sophomore. He finished that season with 59 tackles, 19.5 TFLs, 12.5 sacks, 10 QB hurries, and five forced fumbles.
Garrett entered his junior season suffering from the effects of a knee injury, and was held to nine starts. He finished with 33 tackles, 15 TFLs, 8.5 sacks, and 10 QB hurries.
The Good
Freakish athlete who plays both bigger and more compact than he actually is.
Absolutely explodes off of the snap.
Very quick around the edge, and gets into the backfield with regularity.
He can fight off blocks around the edge and keeps on moving.
Amazingly crafty first steps into his rush.
First rate pro spin move.
Has played first tier offensive tackles his entire career.
Can play down or up.
Fast enough to make a difference in the open field.
He does not miss tackles. Once his hands are on you, you are going down.
Can play on either side, and be just as disruptive.
Excellent body control, even in space.
The Bad
As good as he can be, he is still very raw in some regards.
Has not been given the best coaching in college, and still has some work to do as far as technique.
Can depend on his raw athleticism too much at times.
Has been known to take some plays off, and gets fatigued.
Does not have first rate hand moves.
Can be blocked when linemen get into his body, and if that happens, he tends to give up.
He may not have given a full effort in 2016, as his mind was already on the draft.
Final Overview
Garrett is a consensus overall number one pick in the upcoming NFL draft. His athleticism and his production are just too much to ignore at this point, and he will get paid. He may very well be the finest defender out there when it comes to his overall potential. The one thing that has to be remembered is that he did not always go full out with the Aggies, and that is concerning about what his mindset may be. He has to be able to go full steam on every play, but he also has shown some conditioning deficiencies, and was never able to play more than 70% of total team snaps on defense while in college. Is he an every down player? That remains to be seen.

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