Tuesday, April 18, 2017

2017 NFL Draft Profile: Marcus Williams

Marcus Williams, Utah
6-1, 202
Williams was a three year starter for the Utes, and was a member of the California to Salt Lake City pipeline.. He was an Academic All-PAC 12 pick as a sophomore, and was named first team All-PAC 12 that season. He was named second team All-PAC 12 as a junior.
He finished high school with a 4.0 GPA.
As a freshman, he started six games on the season, and finished with 59 tackles, one TFL, two forced fumbles, and an INT.
As a sophomore, he finished with 66 tackles, two TFLs, five PBUs, and five INTs.
He missed two games as a junior, and finished with 64 tackles, one TFL, three PBUs, one QB hurry, two forced fumbles, and five INTs.
The Good
Dependable center fielder type, who plays best on the free side.
Very athletic.
Incredibly smart.
Understands what a QB is thinking, and knows where an offense is flowing to.
Very good leaping ability, will get to the high point and take balls away.
10 INTs in last two seasons.
Consistent tackler with solid technique.
Eliminates cut backs, and herds carriers to the sidelines.
Solid tackle radius.
The Bad
A finesse player. He lacks the violence in his hits to make a first rate free safety at this point.
Man to an tackling is not his thing. Needs to be a finisher, not a hit starter.
Does not bring his guy down right away.
Can be duped by play action at times.
Does not possess elite speed.
Final Overview
Williams is an enigma in that he does not possess that hunter/killer mindset as a safety. The mental part is all there, and his ball skills are solid, but he just lacks that hammer to make him a first round pick. Had he possessed that violence in his game, he would have been considered a first round prospect, but he fits more towards the middle part of the second round now. Still, all things considered, a guy who makes plays on the ball as he does has value on the next level, so get what you get, and be happy with it. He should start for someone.

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