Tuesday, April 18, 2017

2017 NFL Draft Profile: Justin Evans

Justin Evans, Texas A&M
6-0, 199
Evans was just a two year player with the Aggies, and barely participated at the NFL combine. He was a pitcher, basketball playr, and DB out of high school in Mississippi.
In 2015, he finished with 78 tackles, one TFL, three PBUs, an INT, and he returned two kicks for 46 yards.
As a senior in 2016, he finished with 87 tackles, five TFLs, eight PBUs, and four INTs, and also returned 15 kicks for 428 yards (28.53 per return).
The Good
Explosively athletic multi-sport athlete.
Excellent foot and hip work.
Loves to play the game.
Solid jumper who gets to the high point and will make plays on the football.
Long arms, and has excellent hand skills.
Takes away the inside part of the field.
Ball skills are decent.
Hard hitter, brings the hammer.
A tackling machine. 165 over two seasons.
Solid wrap tackler with sound technique.
Real hunter/killer mentality in the secondary.
The Bad
Does not possess great focus on the ball on all plays. Can get lost in coverage on occasion.
Takes a late track on RBs on the second level.
Can be overly aggressive, and get duped on play action.
Better playing up close to the line than deep in the field.
Does not always break down plays pre snap with authority.
Can get blocked out of plays easily.
Rides the wave when blockers make contact.
Tackling technique needs some work. As many as he has made, he has missed a ton.
Final Overview
Evans is a hard hitting mercenary kind of player, but he gets overly aggressive and gets lost in his violence on the field. He needs more mental discipline, and if he can bring the mental and the physical together at the same time, he could be dangerous down the road. The right secondary coach will get to this guy and make him a star in a few years. It could be fun watching him develop, as he has loads of long term potential if he can shore up his deficiencies. Could be a diamond in the class.

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