Saturday, April 15, 2017

2017 NFL Draft Profile: Gareon Conley

Gareon Conley, Ohio State (Cornerback)
6-0, 195
Conley was a four year player in the Ohio State program, and that included one year as a redshirt. He left after his RS junior season. He was honorable mention All-Big Ten as a sophomore, and was named as a second team All-Big Ten selection as a junior.
As a reserve during his freshman year, he finished with 16 tackles and two PBUs. He played big minutes against Michigan State that season and got torched leading to his being benched.
As a sophomore, he finished with 49 tackles, one TFL, five PBUs, and two INTs.
As a junior, he totaled 26 tackles, eight PBUs, and four INTs.
The Good
Plays at his best when trapping a receiver between himself and the sideline.
Rarely allows a clear path of the ball from the QB to the WR.
Gave up just 37% completions in balls thrown against him.
Solid man press corner.
Can play zone coverage.
Has a fiery demeanor in the field.
Fights his way off of crossing route picks.
Technique in coverage is solid. Does not get lost in traffic,
Rocket fast in straight line speed, has quickness to adjust.
Solid hands.
A real sense first ball hawk. Feels the ball coming and turns head at the right moment.
The Bad
When things start going wrong, he tends to break down in his technique, and starts making adjustment mistakes. Can get wound up.
Does not always play to the ball skill that he possesses.
Does not always read the play right coming off of the snap.
Is not a great tackler.
Overall college numbers are simply average.
Does not fight off blocks well, and can get eaten alive on run plays.
Final Overview
Conley certainly has physical skills to succeed, and has some mental traits that you like to see as well, but it seems as if he does not always believe in his own ability on the field. He gets panicked in games where things are going wrong, and all of his abilities seem to fade away and he gets lost in the action. He needs to keep his mental track right, because he can play this game. The other concerns are his overall numbers in college. He did not possess top flight coverage numbers, and his tackle numbers were purely pedestrian. He gets a first round averaged out grade by the services based solely on what he can do, not what he has done. I see him more as a second or early third round pick, and I feel that a first round grab on him would be a reach.

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