Friday, April 7, 2017

2017 NFL Draft Profile: Elijah Qualls

Elijah Qualls, Washington
6-1, 313
Qualls was a three year player for the Huskies, and was actually a RB in high school. He was a five star prospect out of the California high school ranks and escaped the state to head to the northwest and play for Washington.
As a freshman, he finished with 13 tackles, two TFLs, and a QB hurry.
As a sophomore, he missed three games with an ankle injury, but finished with 26 tackles and 4.5 sacks. He added two QB hurries.
As a junior, he wrapped up his career with 38 tackles, five TFLs, and three sacks. He also added another three QB hurries.
The Good
Plays with enough leverage to control the point of attack and work into the gaps.
Has solid power in upper body, and gets his hands working right away.
Very athletic for a guy his size, as he is a former FB.
Pursuit speed is top shelf, and he finishes his tackles with a good deal of violence.
Body control in space is excellent.
The Bad
Has played with excess weight, which limits his play.
Very stubby for a defensive lineman.
He will not not make many big plays, and is better suited for eating blocks rather than being a part of the play.
Will never beat the edge.
Rides the wave and does not shed blocks well.
Takes plays and games off.
Does not necessarily display any special traits that make him stand out on film.
Final Overview
Qualls is a guy who used to be a better athlete than he is now, and probably could have used another season at Washington to get into better shape and really blow up on the scene. As of now, he is a guy who looks like a former athlete that has physically just given up. His work ethic has been questioned, and his weight is getting out of control for his frame. Had he taken that extra year to get better prepared, he would have made himself some money, but all he is now is a two down run specialist.

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