Friday, April 7, 2017

2017 NFL Draft Profile: Eddie Vanderdoes

Eddie Vanderdoes, UCLA
6-3, 305
Vanderdoes began his college career by committing to Notre Dame before changing his mind after enrollment, and he then transferred to UCLA because of a desire to be somewhat closer to home and family.
He began his career at UCLA by being named freshman All-American after collecting 37 tackles, 4.5 TFLs, a rushing score, and an 18 yard reception on offense.
As a sophomore, He collected 50 tackles, 5.5 TFLs, two sacks, and another rushing score.
As a junior, Vanderdoes was injured in his first game, and played most of that game with a serious knee injury before realizing how hurt he was. He collected eight tackles and two TFLs, most of which came after he had gotten hurt.
He was given a medical redshirt, and returned in 2016 to collect 27 Tackles and 1.5 sacks, but was a shell of his former self.
The Good
He looks very much bigger than he measures, but was extremely athletic before the injury in 2015.
Plays with solid, churning feet, and has lateral quickness. Displays solid change of direction.
Can play at the nose, or either tackle spot.
Powerful first punch, and he gets rid of blockers rather quickly.
Hungers for double teams, and works through them.
Very tough, and has a nasty streak.
Bull rush ability is solid.
Smart. Worked with the staff while injured to help better understand coaching and how to better read film.
The Bad
Seemed to have lost some steam after he came back from injury.
Looks a little flabby sometimes.
Does not explode off of the snap at all times, and can play a little slow.
Did not post great numbers in either TFL or sack categories.
Pad levels are inconsistent.
May only be able to play as a first two down tackle, and does not show the conditioning to be an every down guy.
May have been a first round pick before injury, but has slid due to concerns.
Final Overview
Vanderdoes has some serious ability that was firmly on display before his injury. After the injury, he was not the same guy, and still has work to do to fully return to being himself. He came back heavier, and it worked against him. If he can drop his weight back down, he can be a real talent, and because he has fallen to possible 4th round or later, he may present solid value if he is anywhere near the talent that he was before being injured.

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