Wednesday, April 12, 2017

2017 NFL Draft Profile: Day Three (Rounds 5-7) Inside Linebacker Prospects

5th-7th Round
Elijah Lee, Kansas State: Plays too upright with his pad level, but speed and pass coverage ability could get him in as a nickle or dime LB.

Ben Boulware, Clemson: Lacks overall size/speed/athleticism combo for the position, but makes up for it with attitude and motor. Should get a shot somewhere.

Ben Gedeon, Michigan: Has some skills, but missed tackle numbers are high, and he is not the most athletic guy in the bunch. Special teams may be his ticket.

Harvey Langi, BYU: Former RB is raw to playing LB, and BYU never used him right as an edge guy. Should be stuck in the middle. Will need time to develop, and needs better instincts, but there is talent here.

Riley Bullough, Michigan State: Severely limited by size and athleticism issues. May have a tough time cracking a roster.

Keith Kelsey, Louisville: Decent run stopper who lacks intangibles for the position. Would be limited to a two down role, as he is useless in pass coverage. 

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