Monday, April 17, 2017

2017 NFL Draft Profile: Day Three (5th-7th Rounds) Cornerback Prospects

5th to 7th Round Prospects

Shaq Griffin, UCF: Has track speed, but may be limited to man coverage options in dime and nickle packages, as he tends to get smoked by more talented receivers. Has some upside, but technique needs work.

Ezra Robinson, Tennessee State: Started his career at Michigan State before transferring to FCS Tigers. Useless against the run, and may be limited to zone coverage on the next level. Does not bring aggressiveness to the field as one would like.

Corn Elder, Miami: Lacks requisite size for the NFL. Will not be able to play straight up outside, so he is leveraged to just playing in dime packages as an extra DB. Will get beat up in run support.

Chidobe Awuzie, Colorado: Can play outside or against the slot, and has solid size/speed combo solidity. Lacking technique as a tackler is what hurts him on draft day. Has value on special teams as a gunner, and that is where he punches his ticket early on.

Jalen Myrick, Minnesota: Lacks overall first rate ball skills, and ball hawk numbers are pedestrian. May provide value as a slot cover guy, but overall, I am seeing a fairly average prospect here.

Nate Hairston, Temple: Spent three seasons at receiver before moving to defense for lack of playing time. Very raw, but flashed just enough to show that he can play. A developmental guy with some upside.

Marquez White, Florida State: Ball hawk numbers are minimal, and is otherwise a marginal talent that didn't get on the field for two seasons with any regularity. He has the size you want, but I don't see where he does enough else to make him interesting in this class. Got some attention from scouting services to average out as a last day pick, but I would not waste the pick, personally.

Sojourn Shelton, Wisconsin: Penalty ridden, undersized back who works out only in passing down packages as a dime back. Ellis Hobbs sized player with half the ability and potential for next level success.

Des Lawrence, North Carolina: Inconsistent cover guy who really lacks functional athleticism to play in anything but zone coverage. Maybe you take a look in the 7th round, or maybe you don't. Either way, his play has been far too inconsistent for me to take even a flyer on him late.

Tony Bridges, Ole Miss: A transfer from Mississippi Gulf Coast College, he was an Auburn commit before flipping to Ole Miss. Not a great tackler, and will be limited to being a zone only corner. His issues are far too deep for me to want to spend the time ironing out, even on a late round pick.

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