Wednesday, April 5, 2017

2017 NFL Draft Profile: Charles Walker

Charles Walker, Oklahoma
6-2, 310
Johnson left the Sooners midway through the 2016 season while recovering from his third concussion of his career. He left the team to "prepare for the draft".
Walker was only in the program for three seasons, and left only four games into his junior season.
As a rs freshman, he finished with 10 tackles and one TFL. He missed five games with a knee injury.
As a sophomore, he finished with 36 tackles, 10 TFLs, and six sacks. He did not start a game, and missed one game.
He only played in four games as a junior, and totaled just seven tackles.
The Good
Can get at the point of attack quickly, and works through gaps with ease, when he plays.
Solid upper body power to get a good push.
Shows agility and athleticism in the open field.
Solid pursuit speed.
Excellent tackle radius.
Balanced player, with good hand/foot coordination.
The Bad
The injury history is too much to ignore.
Really jilted the Oklahoma program by leaving when and how he did.
Three concussions already, and you know there will be more.
His effort is on a switch.
Questionable character, and really disrespected his coaches.
Did nothing on the field in 2016.
Will ride the wave on blockers, and will not disengage in a timely manner.
Already has a child, meaning that his focus has not always been where it should be at this stage of his life.
Final Overview
I am still questioning how the scouting services have basically given this guy a blind second round grade. He showed one season of decent play, but there are several more deserving players in this class than him. He showed no loyalty to the Oklahoma program, showed limited effort, and really has flashed nothing that says that he will be a first rate impact player at all. I just do not understand, and he has three concussions and a knee injury already to boot. I would steer very clear from this player at any point in the draft, and it would not shock me one bit to see him fall completely out of the draft when all was said and done. Of course, there are fools born every minute, so someone may very well take him based on potential, but I just don't see it.

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