Tuesday, April 4, 2017

2017 NFL Draft Profile: Charles Harris

Charles Harris, Missouri
6-3, 253
Harris spent four years at Missouri, including a redshirt year during his true freshman campaign. He came back as a RS freshman, and recorded 19 tackles, four TFLs, two sacks, two PBUs, four QB hurries, and a forced fumble.
As a sophomore, he totaled 56 tackles, 18.5 TFLs, seven sacks, 10 QB hurries, and two forced fumbles.
As a rs junior, Harris racked up 61 tackles, 12 TFLs, nine sacks, two PBUs, 10 QB hurries, and two forced fumbles.
Harris was named second team All-SEC as a sophomore, and did so again as a junior.
Harris did not play football until his junior year of high school.
The Good
Excellent run defender who knows how to work a gap.
Pops out of the snap and works with solid explosiveness.
Solid athleticism helps him work down the line in pursuit.
Can cover on screen passes, has enough ability to kick out in pursuit, keeps level with his target.
Shows patience, does not bite easily on play action.
Very quick off the edge.
Plugs his way through double teams.
Wrap tackler who does not throw his body around.
Excellent body control in space, works through traffic, sticks with his objectives.
Will blow up plays in the backfield if your tackle does not adjust to him quickly.
Does not seem to take plays off, motor is constantly churning.
The Bad
Dips his head too often when making tackles.
Looks smaller than you would like on film, and measures the same in reality. May need to kick out to OLB in a 3-4 set.
Looks like his frame is maxed out.
Lunges his way into tackles rather than keeping balance and smashing the tackle.
His approach to the QB is very wide and arcing.
Does not get rid of blocks quick enough, will ride the wave.
Edge rush is based on quickness and athleticism, but everything else looks pretty basic with him.
If he gets tied up by a blocker, he likely will not win the fight.
Did not react well to change in scheme as a junior, and his numbers dipped.
Still very raw at times.
Final Overview
Harris has earned a second round grade, but interest in him in recent weeks is on the upswing. He has all of the tools that he needs, but he will need some technique work on the next level, and he needs to be moved out to OLB to be able to find some space to play in, as he is limited in size to be able to up head to head against the mammoths that are NFL OTs. If you can get him in open space and allow him to be creative, you have a high motor athlete who will make a ton of plays. He has loads of potential for the right team and coaching staff, and I can see him sneaking his way into the first round on draft day.

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