Wednesday, March 22, 2017

2017 NFL Draft Profiles: Adam Shaheen

Adam Shaheen, Ashland
6-6, 278
Shaheen was a former basketball prospect who attended Pitt-Johnstown out of high school to play hoops. After one season, he transferred to D2 Ashland to play football. As a sophomore, he was the third string end, and posted 2-85-0. As a junior, he broke the all time D2 record for the TE position by posting 70-803-10. He posted 57-867-16 as a senior in 2016.
He is a two time AFCA D2 All-American.\
The Good
The obvious is his size. He is built like a moving mountain, but does not look over sized.
Displays good footwork, which comes from having played hoops.
Excellent moves, and cuts very well.
His speed defies his size.
Smart player who wastes little unnecessary movement.
Has played all over the field.
Solid body control, and was a red zone threat.
Reads defenses quite well pre snap.
The Bad
Still learning as a run blocker, and has not mastered it yet.
Level of competition may be a factor in his success.
 Despite his size, he can still get jammed at the line.
Is more mechanical than natural at times.
Is still learning to work in space as a runner.
Final Overview
Right now, he is a super sized pass catcher with some amazing traits, especially in the red zone. He will get coached up in terms of blocking. In terms of what he brings to the table right now, I ignore any shortcomings and will wait until he gets to work with an NFL staff, and I will take the chance. He just has too many intangibles to be ignored.

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