Thursday, March 9, 2017

2017 NFL Draft Profile: Wayne Gallman

Wayne Gallman, Clemson
6-0, 215
Gallman was the third fiddle in the Clemson offense, specifically in 2016, behind DeShaun Watson and Mike Williams, but he still managed to finish All-ACC the last two seasons running. He took over as a starter for nine games as a freshman, and led the team with 769 yards rushing. He scored four times, and averaged 4.78 yards per carry on 161 carries. He also caught 24 passes that season for 108 yards.
As a sophomore, Gallman broke loose for 1527 yards and 13 scores, while averaging 5.4 yards per carry on 283 carries, as he became a work horse in the Clemson running game. He added 21 receptions for 233 yards and one score as a receiver.
His overall carries reduced in 2016 as a junior to 232. He still managed to run for 1133 yards and 17 scores, but saw his average per carry drop to 4.88. He caught 20 passes out of the backfield as well.
The Good
Runs physically to the point where arm tackles will not work against him, and he uses a good burst getting to the second level.
He keeps moving his feet after contact, and has solid footwork fundamentals.
Knows how to lower the pads and deliver punishment to tacklers.
He has enough speed to jump out and burst around the edge, and has enough hip work to make tacklers miss while accelerating.
Confident in short yardage and red zone play. A total package four down back.
Has some ability as a receiver out of the backfield on safety routes.
The Bad
His running style makes him sloppy at short cuts, and he lacks complete body control.
Gets gummed up sometimes running between the tackles.
Has good burst and speed, but is not explosive.
He can be indecisive and will not break down blocking quickly. Misses lanes, and takes to much time setting up a play. Will outrun his blockers.
Does not run with finesse, and can be a bit all over the place.
He is not a long yardage runner, as he finished under five yards per carry in two of three seasons at Clemson.
He can run too upright at times.
Is not adept at pass blocking, making him a two down back.
Final Overview
Gallman has never been one of my favorite backs, and I think that despite being overshadowed by Watson, he still could have done much more. He lacks a burst of excitement, and you feel rather blah watching him run at times. He could be a decent rotation back one day, but overall, I am really flat on him.

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