Tuesday, March 21, 2017

2017 NFL Draft Profile: UFA Wide Receiver Prospects

Michael Clark, Marshall: Intriguing candidate because of his size (6'-7"), but played just one year of college ball.
Speedy Noil, Texas A&M: Extreme chracter issues have taken him off of many boards, and he does not appear to be focused enough to make money as a pro player. Total head case, lack of production, despite high end physical potential. A real waste. Uncoachable.
Trent Taylor, Louisiana Tech: High end college player who may not work out as a pro due to lacking speed and explosiveness as a punt return man.
Dontre Wilson, Ohio State: Switched from RB to WR, but really has never produced at either.
Chance Allen, Houston: Oregon transfer who finished second in receiving both seasons for the Cougars. A solid UFA prospect as a slot guy.

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