Monday, March 20, 2017

2017 NFL Draft Profile: Travin Dural

Travin Dural, LSU
6-1, 202
Dural was a redshirt player and stayed at LSU for four years. He missed his freshman season as a RS when he injured his knee in camp. He returned for his RS freshman season, and posted just 7-145-2, and averaged over 20 yards per reception.
He returned as a sophomore and led the team by posting 37-758-7, and he averaged 20.49 YPR.
As a junior, he posted 28-533-3, and averaged 19.04 YPR, but missed a game with a hamstring injury.
He returned as a senior in 2016, and posted 28-280-1, averaging 10 YPR. He missed one game with a shoulder injury.
The Good
He looks longer than he is, and plays bigger than he is.
Good rangy running motion makes him look faster than he is.
Has excellent concentration on throws in double coverage.
Knows how to get by a corner to the outside and turn on a second gear.
He can work to the outside, or slant over the middle and catch the ball well on the run.
Has the ability to turn a medium play into a home run with solid open field moves.
Has decent balance after contact.
His number do not read into who he is as a receiver, as he played for some very bad QBs at LSU.
Has a solid base on downfield blocking, and will sell himself out for the block.
Aggressive, and can get open after a play breaks down.
The Bad
He has really been banged up, as he has lost time to knee, hamstring, and shoulder issues.
He either hits the home run, or he drops out. He is a big play guy, but doesn't always make the small plays.
Looks faster on film than he really is, and is more of a strider than a burner.
Many of his highlights on film are against weaker competition.
Always seems to have corner draping on his hip, and has to make too many challenged receptions.
His routes look wide angled at times, and he does not do the quick cut stuff very well.
Final Overview
It's really hard to tell what you have in this guy. His film looks great, but then you realize who the opponent is in some of that film, and you have to take it with a grain of salt. He has never had the benefit of having a top flight QB at LSU, so you have to wonder if he can improve with a better QB throwing to him, but then you realize that there just are not many great QBs in the NFL, and then you worry about him with another bad one. There are some traits there for Dural to succeed, but it's a high risk situation with him. He is either a diamond in the rough, or a complete bust waiting to happen.

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