Friday, March 31, 2017

2017 NFL Draft Profile: Taylor Moton

Taylor Moton, Western Michigan
6-5, 319
Moton was a first team All-Michigan player coming out of high school. He redshirted in 2012, and started every game at RT for the next two seasons. He played RG as a junior, and then moved back to RT as a senior, earning 3rd team All-MAC.
The Good
Moton has a huge, solid frame, and plays like it. Has long arms and big hands.
Plays with solid pad level and hip bend off of the snap.
Drives his blocks to the next level.
Works hard and plays his best against the best competition.
Cannot be bull rushed.
The Bad
Played three years at RT, but is a stronger prospect at RG, where he played just one year.
Hand work is solid, but he is more of a mauler than a puncher.
Footwork is not great. Does not keep feet chopping under him during blocks.
Base width is all over the place. Reacts slowly to blocks at an angle. Needs target right in front of him to get it right from the snap.
Can get fooled by what a defense is throwing at him.
Not overly athletic.
Final Overview
When you look at his deficiencies, you get concerned about how much work he needs. That said, if you look at him playing guard in 2015 as compared to playing tackle, most of those deficiencies appear aimed at him playing tackle. He is much more suited to playing right guard in a power scheme, and could be a backup tackle. His future, however, is aimed inside, as compared to how he stood up to Ohio State in 2015, where he controlled the line in his area. This guy can play, and he does need some work, but I see him as a developmental prospect for about a year before rolling into a starting job in year two or three.

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