Thursday, March 9, 2017

2017 NFL Draft Profile: Samaje Perine

Samaje Perine, Oklahoma
5-11, 233
Perine, despite standing out in any one way, is a back that has scouts excited across the board, as he was amazingly productive at Oklahoma. He exploded onto the national scene as a freshman, rushing for 1713 yards and 21 scores, while averaging 6.51 yards per carry, on 20.23 carries per game. He lowered his carries as a sophomore, and ran for 1349 yards and another 16 TDs, averaging 5.97 yards per carry on 17.38 carries per game. As a junior in 2016, Perine rushed for 1060 yards and 12 scores, while averaging 5.41 yards per carry. He averaged 19.6 carries per game, splitting time with Joe Mixon.
The Good
He is built like a human wrecking ball, and is naturally low to the ground. He can slip through seems in between the tackles and come out the other side with ease. He has a powerful lower body that he keeps constantly churning.
He cannot be arm tackles, as he runs with authority. He is quite punishing as a runner.
Excellent pad leverage, and rarely allows defenders to get under.
He is very efficient with his running style, and is not at all wasteful with his movement.
Excellent field vision, and high IQ runner.
He is solid as a receiver, and has top shelf hands.
Broke the single game college rushing record as a freshman with 437 yards against Kansas.
A scoring machine. He scored 49 TDs in three seasons.
The Bad
Can run too powerfully at times, and can lack finesse.
Ran a 4.65 40 at the combine, so his speed and gear changing ability are in question.
He is more of a front line runner, and lacks edge speed.
He has had ankle injury concerns, and his production decreased each season at Oklahoma.
Final Overview
Perine is not for everyone, but if you need a power back who runs with abandon, he is your guy. He will never wow you with his speed, but if you have a top flight O line, this guy could be special running behind it. He will have to learn a little more finesse, but he is a smart player with a ton of confidence, and is a high character guy who could be a solid locker room presence, and he can be coached. He is a hard worker that should have excellent value in the 3rd round of this draft.

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