Monday, March 27, 2017

2017 NFL Draft Profile: Ryan Ramcyzk

Ryan Ramcyzk, Wisconsin
6-6, 310
Ramcyzk turned down FBS and FCS offers out of high school to attend a technical college in his hometown. After a year of that, he returned to college to play at Wisconsin-Stevens Point, where he earned all-conference for two seasons at the D3 school. He then transferred to Wisconsin, and after a required redshirt season, he exploded onto the scene for the Badgers and earned All-Big 10 honors in his only season with the Badgers. He did have hip surgery after the bowl game.
The Good
Ramcyzk is a power blocker, who explodes off of the snap with excellent pad levels and athleticism to keep himself on a pivot at the hips to change course in the process of blocking.
Excellent fundamental blocker, and plays smart.
Very fluid  athlete with top shelf body control, glides nicely for a big man.
Foot work in run game is impressive. Uses his feet to gain leverage and drives forward.
Knows how to use his hands in punch mode, and can slide in zone blocking schemes, with hands always at the ready.
Does not commit too early, or lunge on blocks, and keeps his back and head level.
Reads blitzes well, knows how to react.
Has been coached very well along the way. He knows what he is doing.
The Bad
Does not have excellent arm length, and uses his hand work to make up for it.
He is a little thin for a power left tackle.
Can be a bit stiff or over-technique in his approach, and can be more cerebral than aggressive.
Narrow base limits his slide protect and kick outs.
Has not worked out since the bowl game, as he recovers from a torn labrum in his hip.
Final Overview
Ramcyzk may very well be the most pro ready in the tackle group, and may have slightly more value than Robinson based on the offense he has played in at Wisconsin, and because he received what was obviously top flight coaching. His football IQ seems higher at this point than Robinson, but both have some major qualities to bring to the table. I would draft Ramcyzk early in the first round without missing a beat. He shows amazing promise, and looks NFL ready right now.

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