Tuesday, March 28, 2017

2017 NFl Draft Profile: Roderick Johnson

Roderick Johnson, Florida State
6-7, 298
Johnson was a three year star at LT for the Seminoles, and was ACC Lineman of the Year all three seasons. He has been the starter every game since midway through his freshman season.
The Good
Exceptional, tall build, with long arms that he uses to great skill.
Very good at kicking out to meet edge rushers.
Also very good at run blocking, and has decent explosive power at the point of attack.
Works well in space, makes all adjustments necessary.
Has high awareness, knows how to read a defense.
Good hand work.
The Bad
Technique needs work, plays with his upper body out in front of him, and is a leaner and lunger.
Lacks first rate body control, and gets all over the place.
Footwork is sometimes sloppy, and he can trip over his own feet it seems.
Seems to be sloppy with his blocking angles.
Does not always play with the athleticism that he has.
Final Overview
Johnson is a bit of an enigma. He has exceptional athletic ability, but yet he does not display that at all times on the field. When he is good, he is great, but it sometimes seems as if his athleticism has a switch, and when it goes to the off position, he becomes a total mess. It would seem that there is sometimes a mental block that does not allow him to be the best that he can be, but yet the effort is there. He seems like a mid range prospect with some decent pedigree right now, but he definitely will need some work.

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