Tuesday, March 21, 2017

2017 NFL Draft Profile: OJ Howard

OJ Howard, Alabama
6-6, 251
Howard was a four year player at Alabama, although he could have gone to the draft a year ago. As a freshman, he put up a line of 14-269-2, and averaged 19.21 yards per reception.
As a sophomore, He caught 17-260-0, and averaged 15.29 YPR. He came in as a junior and doubled his production, posting 38-602-2, averaging 15.84 YPR on the season.
As a senior, He posted 45-595-3, and averaged 13.22 YPR.
The Good
One of the most athletic players in the draft, and probably better than some of his early numbers may suggest. He is a rare first round lock for a TE, and is one of those immediate impact types of players.
Very fast for a TE, with first rate hands, and has length to go get most passes.
Tracks the ball like a WR.
Cannot be defended in the passing game by a LB, and DBs have match up issues with him.
Very creative in space, and can break a long gain on any given play.
Excellent body control, and can readjust on bad throws high or low.
Rare pass catching TE who can also block  like a pro.
The real deal.
The Bad
He is a pretty straightforward receiver, and does not string many moves together.
Can lack aggressiveness at times.
Needs more reps on the field, as Alabama under used him in 2016.
Some question his competitive nature.
Final Overview
I don't get how anyone would question his overall competitive nature, but I will say that Lane Kiffin rarely used him properly. Howard is an absolute first round talent who can be one of the best in the league once he gets his bearings. He is probably one of the prospects in this draft that I am personally most excited about.

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