Friday, March 31, 2017

2017 NFL Draft Profile: Offensive Guard 5th-7th Round Prospects

5th-7th Round Guard Prospects

Erik Magnuson, Michigan: Zone blocker who lacks top end power. Could fit for a zone scheme team inside.

Greg Pyke, Georgia: Massive mauler who played some tackle. Needs better technique and discipline on next level.

Kyle Kalis, Michigan: Smart, with size and some ability, but lacks athleticism needed. Could be falling as we speak.

Jessamen Dunker, Tennessee State: Small school guy who started out at Florida, but was arrested and transferred out. Character concerns, but is an intriguing athlete who needs to get it all together.

Nico Siragusa, San Diego State: Phone booth blocker who lacks the ability to kick outside. Not much on pass blocking.

Ethan Cooper, Indiana (PA): Under recruited out of high school because of lacking academics. Changed his work ethic at IUP and things picked up. Massive prospect, but is a developmental guy right now. May drop out of draft as a UDFA, but someone will give him a shot.

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