Friday, March 17, 2017

2017 NFl Draft Profile: Noah Brown

Noah Brown, Ohio State
6-2, 222
Brown left Ohio State after his RS sophomore season, and has very limited experience and sample size. As a freshman, He caught just one pass for nine yards. He missed the entire 2015 season after breaking his leg in spring ball. He returned as a RS sophomore in 2016, and posted a limited line of 32-402-7.
The Good
Solid size, and fits the build. He uses his body to frame the catch and defend the ball from encroaching defenders.
Works well in traffic and can take a hit.
Very physical receiver, and will sell out for a big catch.
Hard to jam at the line due to his physical nature of play.
First rate run blocker down field, and likes the contact.
The Bad
Severely limited sample size of production with just 33 career receptions at Ohio State.
Broken leg cost him an entire season, and that is concerning.
He is leaving way too soon, which makes me question his dedication and focus.
Does not play with great speed, and depends way too much on being physical.
He will never beat anyone deep, as he lacks top shelf speed.
Still learning how to run routes, and lacks a deeper understanding of the nuances of the position.
Does not have solid hands at this point.
Final Overview
There is no explanation as to why Brown thinks that he is ready to come out at this point. He is very far from a finished project, and the only reason he attains a third round grade is because of buzz about how good he looked in the spring before his injury. That's not nearly enough for me. At best he will be a rotational possession receiver, at worst, a complete bust and flame out. There is no easy way to project in the gray area for this prospect. It is all hit or miss.

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