Thursday, March 9, 2017

2017 NFL Draft Profile: Nate Peterman

Nate Peterman, Pittsburgh
6-2, 225
Peterman was a two year starter for the Pitt Panthers, starting both his junior and senior seasons in the ACC. He passed for 2287 yards and 20 TDs to eight picks in his first season as a starter. He completed 61.5% of his passes on 24.2 attempts per game.
As a senior in 2016, Peterman passed for 2855 yards, with 27 scores and seven picks. He completed 60.5% of his passes on 23.5 passes per game.
The Good
He threw 47 TD passes over two seasons, with just 15 INTs, which is just over a 3:1 ratio.
Knows how to control a game, and is a solid game manager.
Times his passes well, has some good zip on the ball in tight windows, and avoids making crucial errors.
He is solid at reading his progressions, which is a rare skill in this class.
He works the pocket very well, and can move and shift the pocket at will. Will step up and deliver a big throw under pressure.
He may have the best timing of any QB in this class, and anticipates very well.
Very accurate on deep balls.
Beat Clemson in 2016.
The Bad
He has an inconsistent release, which allows him to lose control and sail some passes.
He is supremely confident, which is good, but he can get a bit arrogant with his skills, and makes some dumb things happen on occasion.
His overall accuracy is not great, as his completion percentage hovered in the extremely low 60% range.
He is a little on the shorter range than scouts like.
He is more a game manager than a game controller. He showed some game changing flash against Clemson by tossing five TDs against a tough defense, but that flash was just a glimpse, and it was rarely seen again.
While he has worked in a pro set offense, he still needs more work on mechanics and understanding on some basic concepts and logistics.
Final Overview
Peterman is kind of like vanilla ice cream. It will do the trick, but you won't write home about it. He is more a game manager, in the shape of a Greg McElroy, than a game changer. He is solid, but not spectacular. There are things to like, but overall, I do not see him as a starter in this league at this stage. There just is not enough there for my liking, but that's not to say I hate him. There just is not enough there for me.

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