Thursday, March 9, 2017

2017 NFL Draft Profile: Mitch Trubisky

Mitch Trubisky, North Carolina
6-3, 220
Trubisky, in my opinion, is the only QB in this class that I would approach taking in the first round of the 2017 NFL draft. Had he returned to play for the Tar Heels in 2017, he would probably be perceived as a top 5 pick if he had played to potential. As is, I would not draft Trubisky inside the top 10, but rather somewhere between 11-15.
Trubisky was the full time starter at UNC for one full season. He completed 304/477 passes for 3748 yards and 30 TDs to just 6 INTs on the season. He completed 68% of his passes, and attempted 34.4 passes per game.
The Good: He has solid size for an NFL QB, and looks the part. He has exceptional accuracy and can make all of the throws, and has played under center as well as in shotgun. He has the best NFL mindset as far as the ability to run an offense of anyone in this class, by far. He threw for 400 yards in 3 straight games without a pick, and threw 11 TD passes in those games, which were all wins for UNC. He threw for 250 yards or more in 10 games during the 2016 season.
The Bad
Trubisky only has one season to grade him by as a starter. During his sophomore season, he only attempted 47 passes, but completed 40 of them, so the sample size on him is not great. UNC finished the season just 1-3, and he tossed 4 of his 6 picks on the season in those 3 losses. In games that he threw multiple picks ( he tossed 2 in 3 games), UNC lost all three of those games. When he failed to throw a TD pass, UNC went 0-2. In 5 losses in 2016, he tossed 8 TDs to 6 Picks. In their 8 wins, he tossed 22 TDs to zero picks.
Final Overview
Trubisky is graded anywhere from mid 2nd round to early 1st, depending on who you talked to or when that conversation took place. As we get closer to draft day, the consensus is swinging to early 1st, and that information is based strictly on how teams are getting desperate to find competent passers, which happens to be a majority of the NFL these days. Trubisky has a small sample size to grade from, and that is a problem, because he has not fully developed. I think most people would have liked to see him stay in school for one more season, but as weak as the draft class is at QB, he stands to make a killing, ready or not. He will not be ready to start from day one, but could effectively develop into a very solid starter with the right staff behind him.

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