Thursday, March 16, 2017

2017 NFL Draft Profile: Mike Williams

Mike Williams, Clemson
6-4, 218
Williams is one of the most productive receivers in the nation over the last decade in the college game, and should be a clear top five pick in the 2017 NFL Draft. He was a three year player at Clemson, and never caught fewer than 57 passes in a season with the Tigers. That season was his freshman year, as Williams posted a line of 57-1030-6, averaging 18.07 yards per catch.
As a sophomore, Williams sustained a neck injury that limited him to just one game. He caught two passes for 20 yards and a score before the injury, and this season really cannot be counted against or for anything.
Williams returned from his neck injury in 2016 as a junior, and exploded out of the gate. He posted a line of 98-1361-11, and averaged 13.89 YPC.
The Good
Absolutely looks the part, with size, hands and speed to get to the football.
He sells to vertical route well to separate from corners to be able to then cut back to the ball, creates space very well.
Will fight for the football at the high point, and take the ball down.
Has excellent leaping ability to go get the high ball.
Has an eye for the ball, and tracks like a pro.
First rate set of hands, and will not let the ball get to his body.
Top flight concentration in traffic.
Excellent body control, and can get to under thrown footballs.
Just as good running down the sidelines as he is as a receiver in the middle of the field.
Excellent foot work and post catch moves.
The Bad
While he is an excellent hands guy, he did suddenly run into drop issues the second half of junior season.
Does not always run clean routes, and sometimes depends on raw ability to get to the football.
Can be sloppy on his cuts, and sometimes needs to be crisper off the line.
Depends too much on his physical ability at times.
Can get jammed up by press corners off the line, kind of like Randy Moss at Marshall back in the day.
Neck injury looks good now, but could still be cause for concern down the line.
Final Overview
Williams could step in and be a number one receiver for most teams in football right now. He has the ability to become a QBs best friend right out of the gate, His negatives are things that can be coached and worked on, so I would not be too concerned. He has enough ability right now that I would pick him anywhere in the top five right now and run with him.

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