Friday, March 24, 2017

2017 NFL Draft Profile: Michael Roberts

Michael Roberts, Toledo
6-4, 270
Roberts was a four year player for the Rockets, but really only developed into a front line starter as a senior in 2016. Roberts grew up with several issues but overcame his problems to eventually work his own way into Toledo without a scholarship, and he eventually earned one.
He played as a freshman, but did not record a reception.
As a sophomore, he posted some numbers with a line of 4-65-2.
He got more involved as a junior, posting a line of 21-234-4, and he averaged 11.14 YPR.
As a senior, he really exploded onto the scene to be named first team All-MAC. He posted a line of 45-533-16, and averaged 11.84 YPR.
The Good
Nothing has ever been handed to this guy. He has worked for everything he has.
Over 80% of his career receptions have gone for 1st downs, and 35% of his receptions in 2016 went for scores.
Has a wide net for catching the football, and decent body control for a big guy.
Has excellent red zone skills, and became a favorite target in that area in 2016.
Excellent lower body power.
Works zone defenses very nicely.
The Bad
Has only one real season of major production in college.
Not a great runner, and lacks top flight speed for a TE.
Sloppy blocker. Will over pursue on blocks and whiff. Edge rushers can beat him. He does not adjust well, and needs targets right in front of him to win the blocking game with consistency.
Final Overview
Roberts came out of nowhere in 2016 to have a major season for the Rockets, but that means we have a limited sample size to gauge what he can be. On paper, he shows all of the necessary credentials to do well on the next level, and his blocking issues tend to be his areas of most needed attention. If that can be ironed out, he could be on his way to eventually working his way into a starting job in a couple of seasons, but he needs some work to get there. Once he gets a shot, he should do just fine. This kid has been through some things, and he knows how to work through them. This should be no different.

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