Sunday, March 12, 2017

2017 NFL Draft Profile: Matt Dayes

Matt Dayes, NC State
5-9, 205
Dayes was a four year player at NC State. As a freshman, he gained 252 yards on 63 carries, averaging 5.73 carries per game, and four YPC. As a sophomore, he got more involved, and rushed for 573 yards on 104 carries, averaging eight carries per game. He scored eight times, and averaged 5.51 YPC. As a junior, Dayes became the leader, as he rushed for 865 yards ans 12 scores, averaging 16.75 carries per game and 6.46 YPC. He did miss five games in 2015 with a turf toe injury.
Dayes came back strong in 2016, and exploded for 1166 yards on 249 carries. He scored ten times, and averaged a career high 19.15 carries per game, and averaged 4.68 YPC.
The Good
Multidimensional player who is serviceable as a receiver and return man as well. Seemed to improve most areas of his game with each passing season. A worker.
Patent runner that allows plays to develop.
Excellent vision downfield, and gets a step ahead in development of plays.
Body control in a phone booth is top flight. Play well in tight space.
Can make a few moves to extend plays.
The Bad
Can play tight at times, and lacks top shelf physicality.
Is small, so he really depends on his finesse game.
An easy tackle. You hit him, he is going down.
Average speed. Depends on shifty moves to evade, and has a hard time breaking the long run.
Final Overview
Dayes looks like a career backup with some special value as a 3rd down back, and on special teams. which is why I gave him a 5th round grade. He could be a very nice value pick in the later rounds for someone who needs an athlete, and not a specific positional need at RB.

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