Sunday, March 12, 2017

2017 NFL Draft Profile: Marlon Mack

Marlon Mack, South Florida
5-11, 213
Mack was a three year player for the Bulls, and started all three seasons. He was also first team all-conference in each of his seasons in Tampa, and finished as the USF all-time leading rusher.
Mack stepped right into the dominant starting role as a freshman, and carried 202 times for 1041 yards and nine scores. He averaged 16.83 carries per game, and 5.15 YPC. As a sophomore, Mack continued to impress, as he ran 210 times for 1381 yards and eight scores, while averaging 17.5 carries per game. He averaged 6.58 YPC that season. As a junior in 2016, Mack ran for 1187 yards on 174 carries, as he shared more carries in the offense with QB Quinton Flowers. He averaged 14.5 carries per game, and finished with a career high 6.82 YPC.
The Good
Excellent foot work and has his hips in a swivel. He has first rate moves, and is top shelf at evasion.
His foot work is a thing of beauty, and he has amazing ability to kick runs outside and pop from gap to gap.
Runs with excellent pad placement, and can run like a battering ram. Shrinks himself up into a bowling ball when he has to.
He has very good open field speed, and once he hits open land, he is gone.
Has shown a willingness to work in the passing game, has decent hands as a receiver.
The Bad
Is more of a speed runner than a power runner, and does not use enough physicality. He does not finish runs strongly, and can be brought down, as he is inconsistent when trying to be more physical.
Spends too much time trying to hit the home run rather than taking what is given, relying too much on his open field ability.
Can be indecisive between the tackles.
Tries to take plays wide rather than seeing a hole on sweeps and punching through.
Questionable ball security, as he has a reputation as a fumbler.
Probably needs to add some bulk to his frame, but the concern is that it would take away from his speed game.
Final Overview
I like Mack a ton, but he is a system back, and will not fit every offense across the board. He may need some time in a committee approach, and may always need to be in that role. He became more effective the less he was used in any given season, and finished behind his QB in rushing yards in 2016. All of these things take him down a couple of rounds in most books, but his rare talent is undeniable, he just needs to be more confident as a power back, and has to spend more time learning how to balance his speed/finesse game with a developing power game. I would draft him in the middle rounds, but he needs some coaching up to play in an NFL system. He's worth the development in my book.

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