Thursday, March 9, 2017

2017 NFL Draft Profile: Kareem Hunt

Kareem Hunt, Toledo
5-10, 216
Hunt was a rare four year player at Toledo, and will go down as one of the greatest Rocket backs in school history. As a freshman, Hunt shared the load with David Fluellen. He rushed for 866 yards and six scores, and averaged 6.32 yards per carry, on 11.42 carries per game. As a sophomore, he became the lead back, and ran for 1631 yards and 16 scores despite missing two games. He averaged 7.96 yards per carry on 20.5 carries per game. As a junior, Hunt missed three games, and still managed to rush for 973 yards and scored 12 times. He averaged 5.47 yards per carry on 19.78 carries per game.
Hunt played in all 13 games as a senior, and rushed for 1475 yards and 10 scores, and averaged 5.63 yards per carry. He averaged 20.15 carries per game.
Hunt exploded as a receiver as a senior as well, catching 41 passes for 403 yards and a score.
The Good
He has a powerful body and compact frame that is perfect for the position.
Instinctual runner with solid field vision, knows when to make the right cuts.
Can bounce outside from a straight line run, and knows how to read his blocks.
He became a solid receiver, and has solid hands in the passing game.
The Bad
He is not a great accelerator. Does not change gears effectively, and lacks burst speed. A one dimensional runner.
He is an evasive runner, and does not do the contact thing all that well.
He is not all that creative in space, and the run dies when he tends to get hit.
Although he learned how to be a receiver, he is not great as a pass blocker, and will not sell out for a block.
Was suspended during his junior season for rules violations.
Has had a history of ankle injuries that could be concerning.
Is best in a zone run game, but not a lot more.
Final Overview
Hunt is a back that is best served in a zone run scheme, and really has very little experience doing anything else. He follows the script, but is not overly creative. He could have been more productive in college, and die to injuries and suspension, he missed some really good opportunities. He won't be for everyone, but can find a place in a system that uses rotational backs.

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