Monday, March 20, 2017

2017 NFL Draft Profile: Josh Reynolds

Josh Reynolds, Texas A&M
6-3, 194
Reynolds was a lightly recruited receiver and hurdler out of high school, and ended up playing at Tyler JC as a freshman as a result after several schools passed on him in the process.
He transferred to Texas A&M as a sophomore.
As a sophomore, he posted a line of 52-842-13, averaging 16.19 YPC. He returned as a junior and posted 51-907-5, and averaged 17.78 YPC. As a senior, he posted his best season, going for 61-1039-12, and averaged 17.03 YPC.
The Good
Tall outside receiver who is a solid ball tracker on long throws.
Excellent body control, and knows how to shift himself into second gear wasting little in the way of physical inefficiency.
Consistent scoring threat who averaged 10 scores per season with the Aggies.
Big time threat in red zone, and works hard in traffic.
Leaping ability is first rate.
Aggressive blocker, and sells out to do so.
The Bad
He can look a little thin, and his lower half is equally as thin. Lacks power as a result. Cannot bulk up.
Can get jammed at the line, will have to learn how to work through that.
Hands are a plus, but footwork can get sloppy, and due to functional strength, he can get knocked around easily.
Better worker outside, does not work well underneath.
Is a better body control player when balls are high, but not so great in the low throw.
Final Overview
Reynolds is a better vertical threat than every down mid range guy. He has the overall height you need, but he is lacking in other areas, and may be a better rotational receiver than every down guy, plus one thing I did not mention is that his speed is limited. He is more quick than openly fast, but will be fairly useless in the short game. If you can afford a guy for deep threat possibilities that doesn't do a lot else great, he could be your guy.

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