Friday, March 31, 2017

2017 NFL Draft Profile: Jordan Morgan

Jordan Morgan, Kutztown
6-3, 309
As a LT, Morgan was named PSAC offensive athlete of the year in 2016, which is incredibly rare for an non skill position player.
Morgan was named All-PSAC as a sophomore, and then was named to the small school All-American teams as a junior and a senior, and was a finalist for the Gen Upshaw D2 OL of the Year award as a senior.
The Good
Body type is perfect for the NFL. Long arms are a plus.
Technique seems solid out of the snap, and his footwork is top shelf.
Under recruited out of high school in Philadelphia, and should not be penalized for playing D2 football.
Works well in space, and can drive to the next level.
Nasty streak is at a desired level.
Solid punch power with arm extension, keeps defenders out of his frame.
The Bad
Does not always play with good balance, and ducks his head at times.
Can be seen in film lunge blocking.
He normally did not play against players with great size, and may need an adjustment to that in the NFL.
Needs to play with consistency between pass block and run block. Technique shifts between the two, and not always in a good way.
Final Overview
Morgan's main concerns are his lunge blocking and his overall technique between the run and pass. He will need some time to get used to playing bigger defenders off the snap, and that will take some time. He will likely shift into guard as he gets used to the size across from him, but do not be shocked to see him back at tackle in a few seasons. He is an intriguing prospect as of now.

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