Friday, March 24, 2017

2017 NFL Draft Profile: Jonnu Smith

Jonnu Smith, Florida International
6-3, 248
Smith was a four year starter at TE for the Panthers, and was the team's leading receiver for his first two seasons.
As a freshman, he finished with a line of 39-388-2, with an average of 9.95 YPR. As a sophomore, he finished with 61-710-8, with a YPR average of 11.64.
He missed four games as a junior as a result of a knee sprain. He managed to post a line of 36-397-4, with a YPR average of 11.03. He played in just eight games that season.
He recovered from his injuries to return as a senior, as he posted 42-506-4, with a YPR average of 12.06. He missed one game that season due to a domestic incident where his girlfriend doused him with a pot of boiling water because " he was not spending enough time with her".
The Good
Smith is a solid pass catching Tight End who plays with aggression and burst.
He can hit the seams and get open on the second level when covered by LBs.
Plays with solid game speed.
Overall speed is good.
Will gain YAC and make short gains longer with solid moves.
Solid strength as a blocker.
The Bad
Has had some drop issues, and can be a body catcher.
Does not do a good job of coming back to the football.
Needs work when shielding the football on receptions.
Is not a great route runner, just kind of roams into pass routes.
Is maxed out on frame size.
May not be big enough to be an in line blocker.
Final Overview
Smith, overall, is a decent pass catching option, but will never be a front line blocker. He may be more suited for H-Back work rather than being a traditional TE, and he definitely needs work on route trees, progressions, and his hand work. He has some intriguing tools, but is not a lock down instant impact player based on the issue for finding a place to have him work comfortably on the next level. He has enough to get drafted, but he is not for every system or scheme.

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