Thursday, March 9, 2017

2017 NFL Draft Profile: Joe Mixon

Joe Mixon, Oklahoma
6-1, 226
Mixon is the most controversial player in the draft in 2017. He was redshirted in 2014 as a means of a suspension for punching a woman in a deli the previous year. For that reason, he was not invited to the 2017 NFL combine.
Mixon rushed for 753 yards as a RS freshman in 2015, averaging 6.7 yards per carry on 8.69 carries per game. He caught 28 passes for 356 yards and four scores as well.
Mixon became the leading rusher for the Sooners in 2016, running for 1274 yards on 187 carries. He averaged 6.81 yards per carry on 15.58 carries per game. He added 37 receptions for 538 yards and five scores. Mixon returned 21 kicks for 494 yards and a score, and returned four punts as well.
The Good
Explosive runner who picks up huge chunks of yardage.
Multi-purpose back who is a solud runner and receiver, and can return kicks as well.
Powerful build, and looks the part.
Shows enough speed and fluidity to make players miss on tackles.
He has very high football IQ as a runner, and has excellent field vision, and waits for his blockers to set up plays.
Excellent pad work, and finishes runs strong.
Has soft hands as a receiver, and runs strong routes as well, making him a real weapon in the passing game.
The Bad
Good, but not elite level speed. He gets to the next gear, but there is not another one beyond that.
Although he can have solid hands as a receiver, he does not always take care of the ball as a runner, and can get careless with ball handling.
He can be known to run a bit upright, leaving him open for big hits.
Does not grade out well as a pass blocker, but you have to have his receiving skills on the field in late down situations.
Final Overview
Getting by his off-field issues with the assault on a woman, no matter if he has improved his behavior since then or not, will be difficult to get by for many teams, and several teams will not consider him on their board for that reason. He has all of the tools, minus elite speed, of a very special player, but the character red flag can be seen for miles, and that is going to cost him big time. He will be in the league, most likely, but he has a very small window, and fewer fits.

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