Thursday, March 9, 2017

2017 NFL Draft Profile: Jerod Evans

Jerod Evans, Virginia Tech
6-4, 230
Evans started his career at Air Force, but a torn ACL led him to transfer to the JC route at Trinity Valley. He was heavily recruited out of Trinity Vally by Texas A&M, but chose Virginia Tech instead for a chance to be the undisputed starter. He started just one season at Virginia Tech, and that was 2016.
Evans passed for 3552 yards and 29 TDs against just eight picks for the Hokies. He completed 63.5% of his passes on 30.1 attempts per game.
The Good
Evans likely climbed into the late rounds with a solid combine. He has the perfect size for a prospect at QB for the league, and has a cannon arm. He came into Tech and helped turn the offense around in his one season under center. He finished 10-4 as a starter, and started his first month with 14 TDs to just one pick.
The Bad
Evans has a massively limited sample size, as he played only one full season of major college football. His accuracy was not great, and he diminished as the season progressed. He had that 14:1 ratio for TD to INT to start the season, but he tossed six picks in his final five games, and the team was a barely average 3-2 during that time. He was horrible in a 17-7 loss to North Carolina, where he only completed 7/17 passes for just 73 yards.
Final Overview
There just is not enough on tape to really look at Evans as anything other than a developmental prospect. I am not certain as to where his head is with him coming out after just one year at Virginia Tech, and I also question his dedication after he took one injury and left Air Force. It seems that he believes in himself a bit too much at this point, and is lacking a humility factor. Due to his size, and raw skill set, I may use a 7th rounder on him and develop him long term, but that is about it. I would not be surprised if he even goes undrafted.

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