Thursday, March 9, 2017

2017 NFL Draft Profile: Jeremy McNichols

Jeremy McNichols, Boise State
5-9, 214
McNichols is a very nice all-purpose back who is as strong a receiver as he is as a runner. He also has value in the kick return game. As a freshman, he had his redshirt removed in game six for the Broncos. He rushed for 159 yards and a score, and averaged 9.35 yards per carry. He added 15 recepttions for 155 yards and a score, and returned 19 kicks for 393 yards. As a sophomore in 2015, he rushed for a team leading 1337 yards and 20 scores, while averaging 5.57 yards per carry on 240 total carries. He also caught 51 passes for 460 yards and six scores. He returned only five kicks for 79 yards. As a junior in 2016, McNichols carried the ball 314 times for 1709 yards and 23 scores. He also caught 37 passes for 474 yards and four scores. He returned only four kicks for 72 yards.
The Good
Fluid athlete with smooth transitional running ability in traffic. Can change direction on a dime, and has fluid hip movement for evasion.
Excellent vision and running IQ, waits for plays to develop in front of him and reads well. Follows hi blocks like a pro, and make his own space when necessary.
Is solid between the tackles, and doesn't mind some contact.
Is very good at shrinking himself in space, and does not run upright.
Excellent body control. If you don't wrap him up, you lose him.
Excellent receiver out of the backfield, and can be used in motion to line up wide.
Very productive player with solid value across the board.
The Bad
He is more fluid and athletic than powerful, and may need to add some power in his lower body to be an every down back in the NFL. Is not as physical as other backs can be.
His speed is one dimensional, and he is not a great gear changer.
Does not make much after first contact, and when you usually tackle him properly, he does not shake very well, and will let the play die with that hit.
Once he is in the second level of play, he does not create much. Can be caught.
He has had some fumble issues.
He is not a great pass blocker, so he may translate to a two down or rotational back in the NFL.
Final Overview
McNichols has a ton of value as a runer and as a receiver, but he has his limits as well. Still, if you can use him in a two back rotation, he could be quite effective. I see him succeeding on the next level based on his ability to produce, and he has a strong work ethic. By year or two in the league, he should be very good.

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