Thursday, March 9, 2017

2017 NFL Draft Profile: Jamaal Williams

Jamaal Williams, BYU
6-0, 212
Williams was a four year player at BYU, but missed all of 2015 due to personal reasons. He has also missed parts of seasons with injury issues.
He led the team in rushing as a freshman with 775 yards and 12 scores, and averaged 4.75 yards per carry on 12.77 carries per game. He played in all 13 games that season.
As a sophomore, he carried 217 times with 1233 yards from the effort, and he scored seven times. He averaged 5.68 yards per carry, and averaged 18.08 carries per game.
As a junior, Williams finished with 515 yards in just eight games, and averaged 4.68 yards per carry on 13.75 carries per game. He lost games to a knee injury and a suspension for underage drinking.
He missed all of 2015, and then returned in 2016, and rushed for 1375 yards and 12 scores on 23.4 carries per game, and had a five score game against Toledo in a shootout win over the Rockets.
The Good
Williams is a punishing runner who was very difficult to bring down during his senior season. The year off had him looking refreshed.
He looks bigger than he is on paper. Has a powerful build in person, and looks the part.
A go for it runner. Once he sees the hole, he hits it and keeps on going.
Has a few tricks as a runner to make tacklers miss, and delivers a powerful stiff arm.
Has a powerful lower body, and can drive through tacklers. If you don't wrap him, you lose him.
Solid hands, and does not turn the ball over.
The Bad
He has a tendency to run like a bull, and lacks finesse at times.
Will outrun his blockers on occasion.
Does not have top level speed, and can be a one dimensional runner.
More of a full head of steam runner rather than a creator at times. This improved in his senior season, as he was highly productive without having a great line in front of him.
Does not always have the best body control in traffic. Runs with one stance, and does not shrink up very well.
Injury history in a big way between knee and ankles. Concerning.
Final Overview
Williams, to me, is a pure power back who can beat you down while running north/south. He does not have top flight speed, but he does remind me of LeGerrette Blount in that regard, and Blount has plenty of value. If you get him in a rotation on the next level, he could have incredible value, but I would hesitate to make him an every down back. You also have to consider his injury history, and he showed a lack of maturity as late as his junior year with alcohol being a factor.

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