Wednesday, March 22, 2017

2017 NFL Draft Profile: Jake Butt

Jake Butt, Michigan
6-5, 246
Butt was a four year player for the Wolverines, and finished as a second team All-American two times.
As a freshman, he played behind Devin Funchess, and posted 20-235-2, and averaged 11.75 YPR. As a sophomore, Butt became the number one TE, and finished with a line of 21-211-2, with a YPR average of 10.05.
As a junior, Butt really started finding his way, as he posted a line of 51-654-3, and he finished with 12.82 YPR. He continued his strong play as a senior, posting 46-546-4, with a YPR of 11.47.
He ended up finishing his senior season with a torn ACL against Florida State in the Citrus Bowl.
The Good
Has the requisite size for an NFL TE, and has the hands to go along with it.
Tough working in traffic and over the middle. Will move the chains.
Protects the ball well in traffic, and uses his body as a shield while catching it.
Works hard to get off the snap cleanly, and has several moves to help him get free.
Expert zone reader, and finds the seams and soft spots.
Very aggressive runner after the catch, runs with a purpose.
The Bad
Not very athletic, and can look a bit lumbering in his routes. Not a fluid athlete.
Not very fast in the open field. Hits first gear and gets stuck there.
Will not force mismatches on the field in the passing game, as he is strictly traditional.
Slow to kick out in blocking against faster edge rushers.
Is a good, but not great blocker.
Will have to be coached up in run blocking in the NFL.
Final Overview
The combined scouting services average him out as a fourth round pick, but had he not torn up the knee in the bowl game, he would have probably received a second round grade. Butt is a high character guy who will work his tail off for anyone who takes the chance on him in the draft. If you like traditional, bull in a china shop typed ends, this guy is your guy. He will not let you down, but don't expect a super athlete, because he is not that guy.

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