Monday, March 20, 2017

2017 NFL Draft Profile: Isaiah Ford

Isaiah Ford, Virginia Tech
6-1, 104
Ford was a major top flight basketball star in high school who averaged 37 points per game, but instead chose to play college football. He starred immediately as a freshman, as he led the Hokies in receiving with a line of 56-709-6, and he averaged 12.66 YPR.
As a sophomore, Ford once again led the team with a line of 75-1164-11, and increased his YPR to 15.52.
He returned for his final college season as a junior in 2016, and posted 79-1094-7, averaging 13.85 YPR.
The Good
Very athletic, and his basketball ability translates onto the football field.
Plays faster than he really is, and can surge off of the snap, using exceptional lower body drive.
Gets good separation, and can make a window for himself in passing lanes.
Solid moves, and uses them with skill to throw off defenders.
Really good body control, and solid, able hands.
The Bad
Speed is not great overall, as he timed a 4.61 40 at the combine, plays faster than he really is.
If bigger corners get under him, he can be jammed and thrown of his routes.
Does not use his body as a shield for the ball with enough consistency.
He can get a little sloppy at times, and sometimes comes off on film as a little bit slow or lazy.
Will not evade many tackles, and cannot create after the catch.
Can be really good physically, but does not yet have the mental part down.
Not a great downfield blocker.
Final Overview
One cannot take his productivity away from him, as he has been a receiving leader for the Hokies all three of his seasons in the program. The issue that I have is that Ford reads like a guy who was a great college football player, but will not translate to that greatness in the NFL. Virginia Tech is not a great passing program right now, and although Ford did a ton to dispel that notion, he still shows as someone having a ton of work to do on the next level, and may have to be rebuilt from square one.

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