Tuesday, March 28, 2017

2017 NFl Draft Profile: Garrett Bolles

Garrett Bolles, Utah
6-5, 297
Bolles was a troubled teen in high school, and managed to turn himself around to enroll at Snow College (JC) in Utah, where he became a two time all-conference selection. He then transferred to Utah as a junior, and earned All-PAC 12 honors.
The Good
Serious athlete with excellent footwork.
Hard worker, has come to appreciate his ability.
Flows through blocking progressions. Hits the point of attack and moves downfield.
Athletic enough for slide blocks and can kick out quickly to pull as well.
Excels going against edge rushers, and quick enough to meet them head on.
Has the ability to add bulk to his frame.
Aggressive and powerful, and has a serious nasty streak.
The Bad
Does not have explosive lower body power, and will absolutely need to add bulk.
Does not have the best physical technique right now, gets too high on blocks, and does not have pad level mastered as of yet.
Still needs work with his hands, does not have the best punch power just yet.
Older prospect, will be 25 on opening day.
Final Overview
Bolles is a first rate tackle coming out of college, but he still has some work to do, and may have to open his career on the right side until he masters more techniques and learns to become a better overall player. He could be a left tackle in about three years, reasonably speaking. With that in mind, his potential is only limited by his advanced age coming into the draft. There is no luxury of time in his development. Big picture, he could be a very solid starter for the right team.

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