Friday, March 31, 2017

2017 NFL Draft Profile: Dion Dawkins

Dion Dawkins, Temple
6-4, 314
Dawkins got some limited starting experience as a freshman, and then played solidly as a starter in his sophomore year, but that season was cut short by a foot injury. He was charged with assault in a nightclub incident, served in a diversionary program, and then had all charges dropped, and never served a suspension in the process. He finished All-AAC as a junior and a senior.
The Good
Powerful upper body and lower legs.
Is not easily bull rushed.
Quick from his set into his stance. Uses solid footwork to get into his base, and does not get too wide or narrow.
Shows skill in both pass protection and run blocking.
Started for three seasons at LT, giving him some versatility.
The Bad
Does not have solid hand technique, and can get caught holding and grabbing.
Does not always have perfect leverage off the snap, and can depend too much on core strength alone.
Head level is often too low.
Has some lack of athleticism issues, such as being stiff in the hips.
Blocking angles can be sloppy.
Final Overview
Dawkins has a career on the left side in college, but because of some of his lacking technique, I see him on the right side heading into the NFL: He has some qualities that show he can be coached, but he has got some work to do before he ever sees the left side. He has versatility at guard or tackle, but guard is something that will be fairly new, being he played mostly tackle in college. Playing him inside will help bury some of his deficiencies until he works those out.

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