Thursday, March 9, 2017

2017 NFL Draft Profile: De'Veon Smith

De'Veon Smith, Michigan
5-11, 223
Smith was a four year player at Michigan. As a freshman, he carried 26 times for 117 yards, and averaged 4.5 yards per carry. As a sophomore, he carried the ball 108 times for 519 yards, and scored six times. He averaged 4.81 yards per carry. He led the team once again as a junior with 753 yards on 180 carries. He averaged 4.18 yards per carry. He rushed for 846 yards and scored a career high 10 times as a senior.
The Good
Smith is a power back who is solid between the tackles.
He runs with vision, and a feel for opening lanes.
He plots a direction and sticks with it, runs with conviction.
Arm tackles won't work against him, and he finishes runs strong. Legs keep churning after contact.
The Bad
Never rushed for 1000 yards in a season through four years at Michigan.
Does not have enough speed to hit the edge, and does not have breakaway speed in open field situations.
His lack of quick movement allows tacklers to catch up to him.
He is not very creative.
Needs solid blockers ahead of him, or he is going down.
Final Overview
Smith is not a high number back, and had average production at Michigan. He lacks great breakaway speed, and is limited to two down duty. He has no value as a receiver or a pass blocker, so he is limited to power football situations. He earns a grade of a 4th round pick by the scouts, but I feel he is better valued in the later rounds.

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